A Love Story - Saif and Kareena

Saif had a broken heart, a super angry ex-wife and an Italian ex-girlfriend.Kareena Kapoor on the other hand had a string of critically acclaimed movies, a broken heart and a lively nature. It was a perfect timing for Cupid to strike his arrows. Cupid played the love doctor and sparks flew.

Though Saif and Kareena had met before, it wasn’t until Tashan that they started to fall for each other. They started noticing each other on the sets of Tashan. The first time Kareena had a close look on Saif she went gaga over him. Recalling the incident she says “We were in Ladakh to shoot Tashan. I had just broken up withShahid Kapoor. Even though I had met Saif socially, we hadn’t spoken much. When I spotted him near the hotel pool, he was tanning on a lounge chair, clad in just jeans. I told my friend, “Oh my God… he’s so hot!…After our first shot, we chatted and he made me laugh a lot. I hope it always stays that way. Today, we are best friends. I hope marriage only adds to what we share.”

 Post Tashan, the couple made their first public appearance at the Lakme Fashion week and in 2009 Saif was the first one to speak about marriage. In an interview with the media, Chote Nawab said that he would marry Kareena the next day if things went his way. Well from his perspective, he was financially sound, mentally stable and well settled. But Kareena had a career to take care of.

They started endorsing brands together and were just too cute. They even did movies together but their chemistry failed to impress the audience. Well, whatever nobody cares because in real life they are just the perfect Bollywood couple. After five long years of courtship they finally decided to get hitched and tied the knot on December 2012 and are now living their own “happily ever after”

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