Endhiran is directed by Shanker. The film has been made in Hindi called Robot and Tamil and Telugu called Endhiran. Superstar Rajinikanth said he was elated with the success of his latest film Endhiran : The Robot.

"I am very happy that the film has been liked by audiences. Now, I want to take a break and go on a holiday," he told media persons here in Mumbai, India.

Everybody who watched Robot was raving about the three Rajinikanths in the film — Dr Vaseegaran (the scientist), the good robot (Chitti) and the bad robot. Rajini sir has rocked in the three roles which was written and packaged brilliantly by Shankar. It worked because there is no similarity in body language and the three characters had different looks."

Rajinikanth's stylish look in the film is largely due to Banu, the only female make-up artist in India. The Chennai-based low-profile Banu was handpicked by Rajinikanth to give him an all-new look in Sivaji. The two looks of Rajinikanth, especially as 'Motta Boss' impressed the superstar and his fans. Later, she became a part of the core team of Shankar and Sabu Cyril who worked for months together for Endhiran.

The most important was creating the good robot's look. Says Banu, " I spent hours and days working on the Chitti look. Shankar sir's demand was the look had to be 'robotic' yet natural. My reference was the GI Joe molded toys. We used the 'peel off mask' method normally used by beauticians for the look. For the negative robot look, we went for a red tone and spiked the hair like comicbook villains. For Chitti, we used green lens on the eyes of the character. For the bad robot, we used specially-made brown lens. The scientist look had to be mature, so we gave Dr Vaseegaran an Oakley beard and Rajini sir loved it. The leather costumes designed by Mary Vogt (Men in Black fame), along with the sun glasses, was totally in sync with the bad robot character." Signs off Bhanu, "Rajini sir has very good skin. He still looks youthful because of the positive energy that he exudes."

After doing her fourth Tamil film, Endhiran, Aishwarya Rai claims to be far more comfortable working in the southern language. She also feels it is the kind of entertainer most leading actresses do though she hasn't done too many of them.
"I have not done this kind of character very often in a typical entertaining genre, the kind of character a leading heroine would get.

"He (Shankar) has a made an entertaining film. He has taken entertainment to the next level and has introduced something technically much ahead of what we have seen in recent times. So for me to go on set, it was more exciting to see the film come together. In terms of my contribution, I was just happy to work in this film," said Aishwarya.

This was her second film with Shankar after Jeans in 1998.

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