Priyanka Chopra comes forward for a social cause

Bollywood stars have always been known for their association with social cause. Now, Priyanka Chopra does her bit by supporting the ”Save the Children” campaign which aims to provide quality education to eight million children living in conflict-affected areas. The campaign will also work in the area of providing, securing and protecting children’s rights to food, shelter, health care, freedom from violence, abuse and exploitation.

Priyanka has many other associations with social causes and she expressed her hope that the campaign would be able to spread awareness on how education can change the future of young children.

“Save the Children is associated with about 11 states in India. I hope at some point of time to be able to visit at all places where Save the Children works and see for myself how much help I can be of and also in every possible way create awareness about how important education is in our country,” said Priyanka Chopra to the reporters at a press conference to announce her association with Bvlgari Save the Children campaign in Mumbai.

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