Hot Shahid Kapoor

With ‘Kaminey’ about to hit the screens, Shahid Kapoor seems to be everywhere at the moment. Also the dangerous and negative look that he portrays in this film has given an all new push to his career because all those who have seen promos of this film have liked the new image of this chocolate boy.

However, this dangerously handsome boy seems to be quite down to eart when it comes to showing respect and adoration to others and this incident proves so. Shahid recently organised a sudden press meet for ‘Kaminey’ in his vanity van. As the journalists poured in large numbers, there was hardly any place left in the van. There was a chair reserved inside the van for Shahid in advance, but Shahid, seeing the scarcity of space, offered his chair to an elderly journalist and himself sat on the floor instead. He even requested other young people to offer their chairs to the elders and sit on the floor.

Now, this handsome hunk with commendable mannerisms comes with a dangerous tag on the covers of ‘Filmfare’ this month. Check out dangerous Shahid oozing loads of appeal on the glossy covers of ‘Filmfare’!!

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