Deepika Padukone redefines style in ‘Vogue’ - July 2009

With her forthcoming ‘Love Aaj Kal’ making news all around creating buzz about her fabulous chemistry with Saif Ali Khan in the film, it is just the right time for Deepika Padukone to make appearances in photoshoots, magazine covers and reality shows and this is just what she has been doing.

Deepika Padukone appears as the covergirl of the July issue of Vogue India. The edition also has an exclusive interview with the promising newcomer where he reveals lesser-known facts about herself like how she starts her day with what she calls “a maaaajor breakfast”. “I think it’s a very South Indian thing. I can’t start my day without breakfast. This ’something’ can range from idlis, dosas and upma, to sausages, baked beans on toast and even potato toasties.”

About spending time with Ranbir she says, “We do our own thing because tomorrow, I don’t want to sit and say, ‘I should have done this but I didn’t.’ And, she insists, when Ranbir and her exchange notes on Bollywood, it’s not gossip. “I’ll never put anyone down. It’s definitely not my thing.”

Check out ravishing Padukone in ‘Vogue’!

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