Sridevi and Boney Kapoor Wedding

June 2, 1996 -She transformed from the gauche and thunder-thighs southern belle to the svelte and smart numero uno of the Hindi film industry. There were alliances galore and matches not quite made in heaven.

Somewhere in between was Boney Kapoor, who very hospitably offered his and his wife, Mona's, house as temporary residence during her early days here. Somewhere, somehow, Cupid did his little deed and love made its presence felt between Boney and Sridevi. The affair, of course, was denied for quite some time and Sridevi did earn the wrath of Boney's khandaan, not to mention quite a few people in the industry, as Boney was married with two kids.

However, the duo went the Hema-Dharam way and tied the knot. All seems to be well on that front and the couple has two children.

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