Katrina in Blooming Dale! - Jun 2009

Well literally! We have reports from reliable sources that Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif will be the face of Barbie. The Barbie that will be placed in the Barbie museum in Blooming Dale, New York will look like Katrina!

Kat will be the first Indian woman to lend her face to the world famous doll!

Confirming the news, the actress herself has stated that it would be an honor for her to lend her face to Barbie. We had seen the Bollywood beauty dolled up as Barbie and becoming the Indian face of Barbie in the Mumbai fashion week recently; the event marked 50 successful years of Barbie.

The beauties who had represented the face of Barbie earlier had been Beyonce Knowles and Diana Ross. Now Katrina from India will be joining this list. Since her first release in 2003, Katrina has become the most-desired heroine in Bollywood.

With her film career as well as her endorsements going in the upward direction we wonder what the future has in store for this spotless beauty.

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