Bollywood strike forced theatres to shut down overseas

Bollywood strike which was started seven weeks ago on the issue of sharing profit between multiplex owners and film producers has reached across borders in overseas as dozen of theatres were forced to shut down in Europe, Canada and the United States.

Overseas, small theatres that use to display Bollywood movies has been closed down, temporarily, until dispute is not get resolved out between theatre owners and film producers. According to a theatre owner in Vancouver, “It trickled down to basically everybody. So we had had a period where there was, you know, on average … the small movie coming out every couple of weeks and then now it’s just come to a complete standstill.”

According to news published in ‘The New York Times’, Eagle Theatre situated at Jackson Heights in New York has closed down showing of Bollywood movies due to overseas strike. The theater is specialized in showing first rate Bollywood movies. Mohammad Asif, a Pakistani 500-seat Eagle said, “We are not part of their problem, but we are affected.” Let’s hope things would be sorted out very soon and there would be release of movies.

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