Bollywood : Salman avoids New York - June 2009

While everybody is going ga-ga about New York and John’s girlfriend Bipasha Basu specially flew to Mumbai to watch her boyfriend’s performance in New York, there was no sign of Katrina’s man Salman at the premiere of the flick.

A close friend of Katrina says, “It really puzzles and hurts her why Salman chooses to ignore all her films. It isn’t as if he doesn’t watch any films.He does. But when it comes to Katrina, he seems to suffer from a mental block. He won’t see her films.”

She doesn’t miss any of Salman’s films. Whether it’s a premiere or just a regular screening, Katrina is always there to support anything that Salman does.”

Apparently Salman cannot handle when it when his beautiful girlfriend Katrina romances her co-star onscreen and this is the reason why he stays away from watching her movies.

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