Bollywood : Ranbir Kapoor loves rains - June 2009

It is raining all over Mumbai and guess who is madly in love with rains – its Bollywood’s current chocolate boy Ranbir Kapoor.

Ranbir talking about rain says, “I love the rains. I can sit in one spot for hours and just keep staring at the water coming down endlessly. If I am in a happy mood and it rains, I feel happier, but if I am unhappy about something then the rains calm me down. It’s almost as though the rains are a form of therapy for me. I once read a lovely quote by Charlie Chaplin about the rains, ‘I love walking in the rain cause then no one knows I am crying’. That’s what the rains are to me. A strange mixture of joy, melancholy and peace all at the same time! Only thing really is that this city is so grey and beautiful in the rains that it makes me want to work less and just drive around all day.”

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