Vidya is a loser - 24 May 2009

Well she has not lost on some plum projects but she has apparently lost a whooping 10 kilos of weight and is looking ravishing.

She says, Mine has been more of a mental struggle with weight. Earlier, I was obsessed with losing weight and if the results didn’t show up within the time frame I had set, I would give up.The day I changed my attitude, exercise became less about weight loss and more about keeping fit.”

However she is not interested to be a part of the size-zero trend, “Being fit is good. I don’t like it when everyone starts looking alike. I think we should celebrate being different. One shouldn’t follow something because it suits someone else. I would want to be fit, but then I also want people to accept me the way I am. Look at Salma Hayek… she is not the thinnest, but she is among the hottest. Personally speaking, what appeals to me is the Indian figure. It’s fantastic to experiment, but you need to maintain your style,” she adds.

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