Tufts University, Boston, offers Amisha Patel teaching position

Ameesha Patel, a gold medallist in economics from the Tufts University in Boston, has been offered a job as a professor at the university any time she wants.

Ameesha says, "I have been offered the post of a part-time professor at Tufts. I would be required to teach drama and take classes talking about my experiences as an actress. I can take up the post at any time in my life. It can be a six-week summer semester, for three months or an entire year. It's an extremely prestigious post and being an advocate of education, it's something I would love to do it at some point though not right now as it will be difficult for me to take off for a year. Musician Tracy Chapman is one of the Tufts graduates who has also been offered this post."

Being a gold medallist in economics, Ameesha is also a Gold Key member at the varsity. She says, "The Gold Key membership is awarded to any student who tops his/her course and has an outstanding academic record. If you are a Gold Key member you can get invited and accepted to any university to study further. Tufts had asked me to extend my education and get a Masters degree but I came back to India and joined films.

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