Tollywood : Ileana Enjoying Her Parents 25th Wedding Anniversary In Goa - May 2009

She’s been flitting in and out of airports across Europe, Bangkok and Mumbai. Now she’s finally arrived in hometown Goa, just in time to celebrate her parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. “I gifted my mother a Persian cat and right now, we’re all enjoying pampering her,” smiles Ileana.

The actress is also soaking in the success of her latest Telugu flick, Kick, which has been declared a hit. “What’s funny is that Kick started out as an action-entertainer. Midway, it turned into a complete comedy. And we’re glad people are loving it. It’s also my co-star RaviTeja’s biggest hit till date,” she tells us.

In spite of being considered a top-of-the line actress, Ileana hasn’t been seen on-screen or featured in gossip columns of late. Why is she keeping a low profile? “I don’t want to be part of gossip columns anyway. As for not doing a film in the past one year, it’s because after Jalsa and Bale Dongalu, I wanted a really good script. And the directors who signed me weren’t ready with their scripts then. Besides, I also started shooting for Kick last October. So, it’s not like I’m keeping a low profile out of choice,” maintains Ileana.

Does she still charge a crore per film, as was being touted in trade circles a while ago? “How much I charge is nobody’s concern - it’s between the producers and I. But saying I charge Rs 1 crore is absurd. It’s the media that’s hyped the figure and blown it out of proportion,” she asserts.

But apparently, her remuneration’s the reason she was dropped from Soundarya Rajnikanth’s Sultan The Warrior. “It was mutually agreed that I’d drop out of the film. And they wouldn’t have been able to use my original face as Sultan… is an animated film. I don’t regret not doing the project. I’m sure I’ll get another opportunity to work with Rajnikanth,” she explains.

There was also talk that she had fallen out with Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu, which is why she’s not part of his upcoming Varudu. “Now that’s news! I haven’t spoken to Mahesh since we did Pokkiri three years ago. We’re not buddies, but I share a good working relationship with him. I’m good friends with his sister, Manjula, though. Also, I was never considered for Varudu, so there’s no question of being dropped from it,” clarifies Ileana.

Doesn’t she ever want to play more heroine-oriented roles? “I’ve barely played arm-candy to my heroes. I never take up a film in which I might be treated as a showpiece. And it also depends on the director. If he feels his actor is capable of delivering more, he pushes you. That’s what happened with Kick. I gave it my all,” she says.

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