Shanker investing 30 crores on a single song in Endhiran

Director Shanker who is going to full fill his 7 years dream next year is all set to invest Rs 30 crore on a single song. The director has already filmed a song worth 2 crores and now he is going to take a step further as he is investing Rs 30 crore on a single song which will be filmed on Aishwarya Rai and Rajinikanth.

According to sources, the SUN pictures which has taken up the production cost recently has given an ultimatum that the movie must not cross the budget of Rs 160 crores. But, Shanker’s creativity seems to have no limits at all.

He is investing 30 crores on a single song which will be for the first time in the history on the world cinema. Till date no director has dared to invest Rs 30 crores on canning a single song and this song may get into Guinness book if it takes its shape.

Shanker had a dream to direct the movie “ENDHIRAN” and is said to be well prepared to do the movie. It is said that he has done his homework and research on the budget and has all his dreams and future work secured on 5000 sheets of white paper and a hard disk.

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