Salman says gimme money, I’ll vote - 22 May 2009

This year people who did not care to cast their vote and get their fingers inked were branded as Pappu, while the list had Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor on its list, extensive campaigner this year Salman Khan also surprisingly featured on the list.

Quiz Sallu about the reason he did not vote, he says, “It was not possible for me to take a flight from London just to show that I voted.”
When he is given the example of his colleagues SRK and Aamir who made it a point to fly from foreign locations just to vote, he said, “They have the time and money to do so which I do not have.”

So is voting not an important issue for Salman? he says, “The Government should make voting mandatory by punishing people who don’t do so and giving incentives to citizens to vote. I would come for that extra money.”

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