Priyanka Kothari set to sizzle again - May 2009

Changing her name did not help Priyanka Kothari aka Nisha Kothari much. She was last seen in a tantalizing item number with Fardeen Khan in ‘Darling’. Her delayed release ‘Go’ went unnoticed and without creating any stir.

Now, it seems she is all set to impress everyone with her forthcoming flick ‘Agyaat’ where she plays the solo female lead. She also has a sizzling dance number in the film titled ‘Kiss Mix’.

“Yes, that’s my song in Agyaat. Don’t you like the sound of ‘Kiss Mix’? I find it quite cute actually; it is just one of it’s own kinds,” says Priyanka.

When the shooting of AGYAAT had come to a standstill, only a few scenes involving Priyanka were waiting to be shot. The earlier plans were to have only song to be picturised but later ‘Kiss Mix’ was added as an after thought.

“This is one song which has excited me so much after a very long time. And before you call it as an item or a promotional number, let me clear this at the very onset that ‘Kiss Mix’ would be very much a part of the film”, says Priyanka.

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