Priyanka Chopra takes Shahid’s side -16 May 2009

If you remember here, the Saifeena had, a few days back, accused Shahid of ruining their name and publicizing his films at the cost of their reputation. Kareena also went on to say, “Shahid should move on.”

Now, the friendship and the off-screen chemistry of Priyanka Chopra with Shahid Kapoor has already been talked about much. So, during the unveiling of the website of her upcoming movie ‘Pyaar Impossible’, Priyanka was asked to comment on this topic, she was quick to reply that the allegations were completely baseless.

She said, “Kaminey is directed by Vishal Bharadwaj whose directorial credentials don’t need any introduction and it is produced by UTV which is amongst the best production houses in the country today. I have seen the film and I feel it’s a brilliant piece of work. All those who will see the film will definitely love it. We as the team of Kaminey are extremely well equipped and capable of publicizing the film and don’t require any outside help for the same.”

So, this was Priyanka defending Shahid, but when Shahid was asked about his relationship with the gal, he denied any kind of romance and said, “I’m not left with much of a choice, am I? I’m linked to all my co-stars. With Kismat Konnection it was Vidya Balan, now with Kaminey it is Priyanka.’’

“Priyanka and I are good friends. However, people have been jumping the gun. If we take our relationship further, I may talk about it; but people are in a rush to link us together. I will not lie or hide a relationship but I will not stand on the rooftop and announce it either.’’

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