Preity Zinta goes single - 21 May 2009

The word is finally out from Preity Zinta’s mouth, she is no longer dating Ness Wadia and is very much single now.

Preity says, “I’m not dating anyone right now. If I did, I wouldn’t hide it. But whatever the status of my heart, I’m certainly not the kind of person who would send out emails to people about my love life.”
She refers to story about her sending mails to her team that she is no longer dating the teams co-owner Ness Wadia.

She adds, “Why would I do something so stupid.Do I owe my team members an explanation on my love life? I don’t even know their email addresses. For me, the line between my personal life and my work place is very sharply divided.”
However ask her if she is dating her team member Brett Lee, she says,”I will never date a married man or an actor.That rule for my heart is still applicable.To that I’ve added one more group of people who are taboo territory to my heart. Cricketers. Going by my mantra of never mixing my personal life with my professional interests, I’ll never date a cricketer either. One doesn’t go out with people whom one works with, it’s as simple as that.”

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