A new jodi is getting ready to set screens on fire and it is none other than hunky Imran Khan and beauty Katrina Kaif. The two will be paired in Sanjay Gadhvi’s new rom-com titled 7 Days in Paris.

Gadhavi told Subhash K Jha, “This is a a different love story. I want to take the screen romance beyond Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Imran and Katrina occupy almost every frame in the film. It's the story of these two strangers who meet and fall in love in Paris over a week."

Gadhavi is very excited about working with the two actors and feels they both will work hard to bring the story to life. “I'm lucky to have a lead pair that is so committed to creating a new language for screen lovers. That Imran and Katrina look so good together is a bonus. I'm counting on them looking as striking as Ash and Hrithik in D:2."

The two are so committed that they both will be doing workshops with the director prior to filming, “We're doing intense workshops before we start shooting in Paris. Both Katrina and Imran have set aside ample time for rehearsals. Imran has taken on no film after Delhi Belly. So he's ready to devote as much time as we need. Katrina is busier. But she too is getting into workshops after De Dhana Dhan.”

The film will be shot almost exclusively in the City of Love and goes to the floor in late June or early July. “It had to be Paris. I saw my lovers only in that city." Adding that he knows that Imran and Katrina will be the perfect lovers for this film, “I think Katrina and Imran will create a new language for love."

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