Hot Urvashi Sharma

Born and brought up in a middle-class Punjabi family in Delhi, model-turned-actress Urvashi Sharma has already acquired a bold and beautiful image for herself with numerous print and television advertisements, music videos like Mika’s ‘Something Something’ and also with sizzling roles in movies like ‘Naqaab’.

She likes taking risks and added to her gutsy reputation during the shooting of ‘Naqaab’ where she opted to do a stunt on a speed boat all by herself. When the cameras started rolling, she went off at breakneck speed and got her crew worried.

Once, again Urvashi has shown her guts by going to the skimpiest clothing in the latest issue of ‘Stardust’ magazine. With Urvashi in such hot pics, no wonder the temperatures are soaring higher each day!

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