‘Anushka Massage’ For Ladies

When it comes to beauty and looks, the first name that comes to mind is that of the hot and buxom beauty Anushka. And after seeing her in the movie ‘Billa’ with her bikini act, people have got even more tempted and attracted towards her.

Now, this aspect is being utilized for better business advantages by the Saloons here. It is heard that a few ladies’ saloons in Hyderabad introduced new massage that improves skin tone and also reduces excess fat, as said by massagers. They are now said to be calling it as ‘Anushka Massage’.

Ladies are said to be visiting these saloons just on hearing the name of Anushka and this new massage has become quite popular among them. While it is not sure how many of them will begin to look like Anushka, the saloons are surely making some good money out of this.

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