Aishwarya spends a day with parents - 22 May 2009

Aishwarya Rai has given herself a day off in a bid to spend it with her ailing father.

A friend close to Ash says, “It was a long spell. Shooting in Karjat for prolonged periods is not new to Aishwarya. For Jodhaa-Akbar she was stationed in Karjat for so long that it became her second home. But now circumstances have changed.

After her father’s illness, Aishwarya doesn’t like to be away from Mumbai for prolonged periods. Even when she was shooting in the jungles of Kerala for Mani Ratnam Aishwarya made sure she visited Mumbai to be with her father. Though she never lets it show in her work being away from home is very difficult for her now and would like to shoot as much as possible in Mumbai. Ironically almost all her films are being shot outside the city.”

“Aishwarya kept track of Feroz Khan’s health through Fardeen and when he passed away she was deeply affected. At the prayer meeting Fardeen and Aishwarya exchanged notes like two wounded war veterans.”

Quiz Aishwarya about the holiday after which she will leave for Karjat, she says, “It was something I had to do. I did it more for myself than for them.”

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