Aamir won't clean toilets! - 22 May 2009

Backs off after producer he promised the favour, talks of releasing his film in multiplexes.Aamir Khan had earlier promised to clean single screen theatre toilets to help promote a film releasing on May 29.

The recipient of Aamir's generosity Vashu Bhagnani, is in a fix with Khan threatening to withdraw support.Informs a source, "Aamir is irked because the producer is trying to fix a deal with certain multiplexes to release his film. Aamir had pledged support and promised to help only if the film released at single screens."

Adds the source, "The problem is, Big Pictures and the producer are co-producing the film. Big Cinemas, the multiplex chain has now merged with Big Pictures. The two are now telling the producer that if he doesn't release the film at their multiplexes they won't allow him to release it elsewhere as well."

Incidentally, at a press conference held last month, Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir pledged support to all producers and added that they'd help them promote and market their films in single-screen theatres.

Says the producer, "Yes, I might release in single-screen theatres and also in standalone multiplexes. Aamir is planning to have a press conference along with other stars to outline marketing plans for the film."

Another source says, "Vashu is trying to garner support only for himself whereas Aamir will outline marketing plans for all releases in May. He'd been planning a press conference but yesterday he put it on hold." Says a source, "Aamir is very clear about one thing either the producers take a united stand or he won't support the breakaway ones."

Aamir Khan has taken it upon himself to helm the producers' body to help them voice their demands in the standoff with multiplexes. Reveals a producer, "Aamir has become chief policy maker in the multiplex vs producers dispute. Instead of meeting at hotels (an expensive affair) or at people's homes, Aamir prefers to have conference calls with more than 15 producers at a time. This week, he had a conference call with 18 producers (including Mukesh Bhatt who was in Cannes)."

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