Age doesn’t matter: Meera Jasmine

Meera Jasmine is the most regarded enigma to Tamil cinema. She does a movie with leading stars like Vijay and then recedes and goes missing in action for a couple of years. She then returns, this time playing heroine for films like Adhi Narayana and Vikraman’s Mariyadhai.

But there’s no scheme to these things, if the actress is to be believed. If I agreed to play heroine to Vijaykanth, it is because I liked the role I got. It never occurred to me that I should not do the role because he is a senior actor. I have worked with many youngsters and elders, says the actress, who has been criticized for being plump than necessary in her Mariyadhai. I have put on weight, I know, but that is because I had health issues with the climate in Australia, snaps the actress, a National Award winner.

The actress’ next film is Mambattiyaan, in which she plays heroine to Prashanth, in the remake of his dad’s hit, Malaiyoor Mambattiyan. The actress is playing Saritha’s role in the flick.

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